When our Prophet Ibrahim (‘alayhis-salam) was commanded to call out to everyone to visit the House of Allah, he was worried that no-one would hear him. But they did hear. Because Allah the Most High sent that message around the world and throughout the generations, and so here you are. Indeed you are now on the cusp of quite possibly the greatest journey you will ever take:

the Hajj.

Allow us the honour of guiding you along the way using our experience, scholarly resources and our desire to make this the most memorable experience of your life.

Many Hajj and ‘Umrah packages have scholars that accompany them to give talks and seminars to the pilgrims but few will have an experience like when led by a guide such as Shaykh Abu Eesa. The difference is this: he will be by your side all the way. He is not a religious guide who goes missing at the key moments, but someone who will keep you company through thick and thin, answering questions and bringing expertise and guidance on any possible matter you ask about, during every hour of the day. But don’t just let us tell you that, read it for yourself here and here on Facebook.

We are incredibly proud of our Hajj and ‘Umrah packages here; approximately 95% of our pilgrims come through recommendations and we do reserve the right to restrict our pilgrims successful applications to ensure the very best group dynamic. By the permission of Allah, we think Hajj with AE is the perfect combination of creating ease for your ‘ibadah and allowing you to focus on it, flights with quality airlines, 5-star hotels, very reasonable prices and the best in religious and practical guidance. Discover more about its details here but do not delay in signing up because our Hajj packages usually sell out six months before the Hajj!

In addition to the Hajj, we also offer an Umrah Tarbiyyah Trip with Shaykh AE whenever can commit the time to his intense program  – again we guarantee you the very best companionship with the Shaykh who will help you, guide you, educate you and even entertain you throughout! Please see more details here. There is also a unique yearly visit to Jerusalem which involves a deep dive into Aqsa and a trip focused on the Sunnah and an academic twist, leaving aside the more tourist-based trips to wider Palestine. More info on these Aqsa trips can be found here.