AQSA 2022

The Package Includes

• This is a specifically designed Qur’an & Sunnah program focusing only on al-Aqsa and Quds (Jerusalem), combining the full AE Tarbiyyah Program along with the academic detail concerning the historical events that have occurred in the Old City and concentrating on reconciling the different narratives offered by Muslims, Christians and Jews on those key events. In addition, the program will be preparing you for Ramadhan and seeing in the new month, and include the entering of Ramadhan and Tarawih prayers in al-Aqsa.
• Group will be fully led all the way by Shaykh Abu Eesa Niamatullah
• This program will revolve around personal ibadah in Aqsa and study in the Holy Sanctuary, and not popular Tourist Areas and Traps in the wider country controlled by Israel
6 nights at Jerusalem’s leading Muslim-owned hotel, The Golden Walls – breakfast and dinner included

• Prices start at £799pp for a quad room, £899pp for a triple room and £999pp for a double room. Please see the FAQ below for details on pricings, rooms and costs for children.
• This is a LAND ONLY program, so please arrange your own choice of flights, however please review the FAQ section below for the flights that we recommend you choose. Check-In is at 2pm on Thursday 31st March and Check-Out is at 11am on Wednesday 6th April.
• Fully administered by DOME TOURS
• Led by professionally qualified guides covering Christian and Jewish landmarks and events
• A day long walking tour of the entire al-Aqsa Sanctuary, and other Islamic and Jewish landmarks in the Old City
• Coach ride to the Mount of Olives, followed by an opportunity to relive and study the Palm Sunday Walk
• A day long walking tour of the 14 Stations of Christ along the Via Dolorosa
In-ear wireless radio system for every person to allow uninterrupted, superlative quality teaching and focus during all lessons, tours, and group activities
Round-trip Airport Transfers by premier private Airport shuttle services
• A guided tour and practical lessons in Bab al-Rahmah al-Islamiyyah Graveyard covering the Fiqh of Janazah and Burial
• Schedules from experienced organisers allowing for plenty of personal spiritual time, as well as structured Qur’an lessons and Q&A sessions with the Shaykh
Access to the Shaykh 24/7 via the Aqsa Whatsapp group and personal telephone
Full mentoring before departure as well as after your return, webinars and individual email support for all the pilgrims before they depart from Shaykh Abu Eesa and then full Whatsapp and Mobile phone support 24/7 during the trip as well
• Group will be accompanied by tour managers




Full Details About the 2022 Jerusalem Program

This is an upscaled program that will be led by Shaykh Abu Eesa and administered by Dome Tours and thus will benefit from a higher quality experience with the luxury of staying in Jerusalem’s premier hotel The Golden Walls, and has been extended in length to six nights to allow for increased activities, Friday prayers in al-Aqsa and the first few nights and days of Ramadhan to ensure everyone enjoys the Holy City in both states of fasting and non-fasting.

The 2022 Aqsa program is a combination of the AE Tarbiyyah Program (which focuses on (a) maximising the educational benefits of the specific location you are visiting, and (b) the development of all attendees and enters them into a mentorship program under the personal and direct control of Shaykh Abu Eesa before the group leaves and continues indefinitely afterwards to consolidate what you have learnt and continue your further development afterwards) and then a unique trip restricted in principle to Jerusalem specifically aimed at allowing for maximum time to be spent benefiting spiritually and educationally from Jerusalem which is the only religiously encouraged area of Palestine for visitation. It is not a trip aimed at wider tourism of Palestine however there will be time in the program to allow for the group to explore this as well and we will assist in that where necessary.

The program will be led by a number of scholars and specialised guides, primarily Shaykh Abu Eesa Niamatullah, and then supported by Shaykh Abdel Rehman al-Helbawi and others during the trip.

There will be daily visits to every location of Islamic importance in Jerusalem along with detailed and authentic explanations of the relevance of such places and the benefits and mistakes concerning such places and the value that must be derived. The focus will be on the Aqsa complex and will ensure a comprehensive study of everything that the Muslim needs to know about the Blessed Sanctuary.

In addition to this, the group will be visiting the main areas that are considered to be religious and/or significant to the Christian and Jewish faiths, to better understand the narratives that lead into the development of the Islamic narrative. This will include full tours and study of the Palm Sunday Walk, the pre-Jewish Graves, the Garden of Gesthemane and other places that will shed light on our own beliefs about the Prophets. We will be separately touring the Old City and specifically we will be doing a study of the Via Dolorosa and the significance of such for the Muslims. We will also visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. There will also be an opportunity to visit wider areas of significance including Bethlehem and Nazareth for those who wish to go.

This program will also incorporate wider aspects of the AE Tarbiyyah Program including a study of the lives of the relevant Sahabah that came to Aqsa, as well the Fiqh of Janazah at the al-Rahmah Graveyard for both men and women. It will also include studies of the Prophetic visitations to al-Aqsa and their significance today, as well as personal study and Qur’an classes along with specific Tafsir sessions relevant to al-Aqsa.

Most important of all, the trip is aimed at ensuring everyone spends the highest amount of time possible in the single most Islamically emphasised act in Palestine, which is the various acts of mandated worship in al-Masjid al-Qibli in the al-Aqsa complex.

Flights and Logistics

Fulfilling Israeli conditions for travel can seem daunting at first, but we would highly encourage everyone who is serious about travelling to register immediately and then join the Shaykh’s personal comms group where you will find plenty of help from him and his team directly to make the entire process easier.

Although the Shaykh will be travelling from the UK, these packages are open to applicants from all countries. This is a LAND ONLY package so anyone can apply from all countries as long as you ensure that you will be able to enter from Tel Aviv airport with your specific country’s passport. Please see your country’s authorities for confirmation on that. We will unfortunately not be able to help non-European/US citizens obtain visas for Israel (UK/Europe/US/Canada/Australian travellers do not need a visa).

As this is a LAND ONLY package, you will need to arrange your own flights. To help you with this, we are recommending the following flights based on a combination of their price, time of arrival into Tel Aviv Airport and the Check-In and Check-Out times of our hotel booking. To help you choose your flight, please note:

  • Shaykh Abu Eesa will be travelling on the first flight by Virgin Atlantic, Flight VS 453N below and will lead the group of travellers that choose this flight, however this has since gone up significantly in price since the launch of this program so please consider cheaper alternatives
  • The Virgin flight is the most expensive, so all Easyjet options are recommended for their direct flight and cheap price. The Shaykh and the team will be co-ordinating with all the travellers at all times whatever flight they choose.
  • Only the flights below will have group/team members that will help the less inexperienced during their journey, along with constant contact and support from us at Dome Tours
  • All the flights below will be covered by the airport transfer system and a team member upon arrival into Tel Aviv
  • For Americans/Canadians, we recommend the flights below however your personal choices will be acceptable as long as they arrive on the 31st of March and leave on April 6th. Coming earlier or leaving later means you will have to cover airport transfer costs yourself including any extra hotel charges.

Please note that you should prepare for a significant delay in Tel Aviv airport as immigration can take a number of hours, and there is also a Covid PCR test that will need to be taken as well. Accordingly, there will be a number of vehicles that will be transferring you to the hotel at regular set times throughout the day of the 31st of March, that will aim to cover for all the arrival flight times into Tel Aviv that day as well as the unknown delay of every single pilgrim coming out. If you miss the set time of one vehicle, you will wait with the team leader for the next vehicle. More details will follow on this in our Dome Tours comms group.

Our flights that we recommend are below with brief details of the flight numbers and times, which you can then use during an online search and booking process of your own choice (please be aware that most airlines will not include any baggage allowance so factor in these additions to your flights and prices accordingly). Once you have registered for your place and submitted your form, please ensure payment is complete and then proceed to purchase your flight without delay so as to take advantage of earlier cheaper prices. We will send an email to confirm your payment with 48hrs but you should not delay on purchasing your ticket yourself in case they sell out. Please note that the following flights are just our preferred recommendations, but if you have other options then please feel free to use them.


UK citizens

LONDON travellers:

British Airways Flight Number BA 165Y 31MAR Heathrow – Tel Aviv 0800 – 1450
British Airways Flight Number BA 164Y 06APR Tel Aviv – Heathrow 1640 – 1955


Easyjet Flight Number U22083 31MAR Luton – Tel Aviv 0715 – 1420
Easyjet Flight Number U22084 06APR Tel Aviv – Luton 1515 – 1840


Easyjet Flight Number U22085 31MAR Luton – Tel Aviv 1230 – 1935
Easyjet Flight Number U22084 06APR Tel Aviv – Luton 1515 – 1840


Wizz Air Flight Number W9 4451 31MAR Luton – Tel Aviv 14:00 – 21:05
Wizz Air Flight Number W9 4452 06APR Tel Aviv – Luton 21:55 – 01:15


Wizz Air Flight Number W9 5751 31MAR Gatwick – Tel Aviv 13:15 – 20:20
Wizz Air Flight Number W9 5752 06APR Tel Aviv – Gatwick 21:10 – 00:30


Virgin Flight Number VS 453N 30MAR Heathrow – Tel Aviv 2210 – 0455
Virgin Flight Number VS 454H 06APR Tel Aviv – Heathrow 0705 – 1025



Easyjet Flight Number U21827 31MAR Manchester – Tel Aviv 1250 – 2005
Easyjet Flight Number U21828 06APR Tel Aviv – Manchester 1900 – 2235


Non-UK citizens

Please feel free to choose those flights which are most convenient to you that will arrive on March 31st as early as possible, keeping in mind the 2pm Check-In time for the Golden Walls Hotel in Jerusalem, and the 12pm Check-Out time on April 6th. You should allow for anything between 2hrs to 6hrs upon arrival to get to your hotel (on average) from Tel Aviv Airport, and you should allow for approximately 4hrs to 6hrs for the departure process from Tel Aviv Airport. Our recommended flights primarily because of their timings:


NEW YORK JFK travellers:

Turkish Airlines Flight Number TK 4 30MAR JFK – Istanbul 1300 – 0520+1
Turkish Airlines Flight Number TK 784 31MAR Istanbul – Tel Aviv 0700 – 0855
Turkish Airlines Flight Number TK 795 06APR Tel Aviv – Istanbul 1420 – 1635
Turkish Airlines Flight Number TK 11 U 06APR Istanbul – JFK 1845 – 2230



Emirates Airlines Flight Number EK 232 30MAR IAD – Dubai 1100 – 0810+1
Emirates Airlines Flight Number EK 2363 T 31MAR Dubai – Tel Aviv 0950 – 1220
Emirates Airlines Flight Number EK 2360 K 06APR Tel Aviv – Dubai 1430 – 1850
Emirates Airlines Flight Number EK 231 K 07APR Dubai – IAD 0225 – 0845


LOS ANGELES LAX travellers:

Turkish Airlines Flight Number TK 10 30MAR LAX – Istanbul 1835 – 1735+1
Turkish Airlines Flight Number TK 864 31MAR Istanbul – Tel Aviv 1945 – 2155
Turkish Airlines Flight Number TK 789 06APR Tel Aviv – Istanbul 2155 – 0010+1
Turkish Airlines Flight Number TK 179 07APR Istanbul – LAX 0825 – 1205


Turkish Airlines Flight Number TK 10 30MAR LAX – Istanbul 1835 – 1735+1
Turkish Airlines Flight Number TK 864 31MAR Istanbul – Tel Aviv 1945 – 2155
Turkish Airlines Flight Number TK 865 06APR Tel Aviv – Istanbul 0830 – 1050
Turkish Airlines Flight Number TK 9 06APR Istanbul – LAX 1315 – 1655


Turkish Airlines Flight Number TK 192 30MAR DFW – Istanbul 2015 – 1540+1
Turkish Airlines Flight Number TK 836 31MAR Istanbul – Tel Aviv 1655 – 1900
Turkish Airlines Flight Number TK 785 06APR Tel Aviv – Istanbul 1030 – 1250
Turkish Airlines Flight Number TK 191 06APR Istanbul – DFW 1405 – 1845



Polish Airlines Flight Number LO 46 30MAR YYZ – Warsaw 2215 – 1240+1
Polish Airlines Flight Number LO 155 31MAR Warsaw – Tel Aviv 1525 – 2015
Polish Airlines Flight Number LO 156 06APR Tel Aviv- Warsaw 1125 – 1420
Polish Airlines Flight Number LO 45 06APR Warsaw – YYZ 1705 – 2020

Pricing details for adults and children

In general, Shaykh AE’s programs are heavy on ibadah and tarbiyyah of adults, spending a lot of time walking, meeting and studying. This does not make it prohibitive for children but younger children will definitely feel the strain. For that reason we advise all parents to try and leave their very young children with family members if they want to enjoy the experience to the maximum. However if you have no choice then please see the costs below. In Jerusalem specifically, children over the age of 4-5 years will enjoy the environment, whereas over ten years old will benefit from the program.

Also please note that the hotel industry in Jerusalem is unlike other cities. Space is at an incredible premium and rooms are significantly smaller than one would expect in other countries. For this reason we would highly encourage you to go for the double rooms if possible, and if not then the triple. Quad rooms should be avoided if possible because the space is very limited. Also, there are no international standard 5 star hotels in Jerusalem despite some hotel perhaps advertising themselves as such. Yet the ones we use like The Golden Walls Hotel is the best and of the highest standard available in Jerusalem.



  • Everyone over the age of 10 is considered an adult
  • £799 per adult in a quad room that is shared with three other people
  • £899 per adult in a triple room that is shared with two other people
  • £999 per adult in a double room that is shared with one other people



Under 2 years old: £95 (no bed but we can request a cot subject to availability)
2 – 10 years old: £599 (every child receives their own bed)
Above 10 years old or children of any age wanting their own bed: Adult price

Covid Protocols for the Trip

Travel to Jerusalem is safe and we are comfortable with the basis for this trip and any associated risks, especially with the high vaccination rates administered by Israel authorities in certain areas like Jerusalem and the strict conditions that are still in place. However it is highly possible that by the time we leave on the 31st March 2022, many of the following conditions would have been rescinded and cancelled. However as of right now, please note the following requirements and conditions that the Israeli authorities have obligated. All tests etc if applicable, will be at your own cost. Please also note that once you have registered, the Shaykh will be in daily contact with the group using his comms channels, and he will work together with everyone to ensure the following processes are done easily and without any confusion. We at Dome are also available to advise on the following processes if needed.


1. All passengers do NOT need to be fully Covid vaccinated. Unvaccinated passengers are allowed. It is however highly advisable that you have a double Covid vaccination and that you also receive the third booster dose as well but this is not a condition of travel. Please note that ALL CHILDREN are allowed and do not need to be vaccinated.

2. All passengers must take a PCR test in the 72 hours before the flight departure.

Alternatively, you can take a professional rapid (antigen) test in the 24 hours before the flight. The test must be administered by professional samplers (no home test kits).

You are required to present a fit to fly certificate displaying your full name and passport number. Tests of any other kind will not be acceptable.

3. You are required to fill out the following entry statement form for Tel Aviv Airport in the 48 hours before the time of flight departure.

Entry Statement Form

You are required to fill out your personal details and the details of those traveling with you, a declaration of health, information about your vaccination and details of our booked hotel.

Those who have a certificate of vaccination that can be digitally verified by the Ministry of Health’s systems, will be required to scan or upload their cetificate to the form and will receive a GreenPass before boarding the flight.

Upon completion of the form, you will receive a link in which you could pay in-advance for the PCR test that you will be required to take upon arrival in Tel Aviv (in addition to the pre-flight test taken in your own country). The Tel Aviv test’s cost in advance payment is 80 NIS, which is approximately £20GBP or $25USD

4. Before your return flight, all passengers must take a PCR test and present a certificate with a negative result. This can be arranged locally in Jerusalem and you can pay the testers directly.

5. Please note that the package will not be refundable due to positive PCR results, or denied entry due to security or political reasons. In order to protect yourself against any losses throughout this trip, we highly encourage you to have Covid-19 Travel Insurance. The Shaykh will explain this in the groups, advise on what type of cover to take out and the rulings associated with such insurance.

6. Any inccured charges due to quarantine or isolation must be covered by the passenger’s travel insurance.

How can we get more information?

You have a number of options open to you:

  • filling in a form will allow us to contact YOU if you wish and answer any questions
  • for quick small queries, our Facebook Messenger team can help, especially outside of office hours and in emergencies. This usually has the fastest response time but the most limited scope in terms of helping with actual applications. Message us at
  • email us at
  • call us on + 44 0208 962 6635
  • Visit our office:
    • Dome Tours International Ltd, 363-365 Harrow Rd, London W9 3NA
    • Hours: Mon to Fri: 10:00AM-6:00PM, Saturday: 10:00AM-2:00PM, Sunday: Closed

Can I fly in to Jerusalem later than the group or leave earlier due to work reasons etc?

Usually, we do not like this approach because the Shaykh likes to keep the group dynamic unified, and the tarbiyyah program builds on itself. However, it might be possible in a unique circumstance so please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate.

As for the costings if you wish to confirm an extra night before or after the group’s dates, or if you wish to check in early because your flight arrives significantly earlier, then please fill in the form and make it clear how long you wish to stay and we will confirm with you directly the extra costs.


Please also note that you will have to pay for separately for your airport transfers if you arrive earlier or later than the 31st of March, or leave earlier or later than the 6th of April, as these are outside the group airport transfer arrangements. The cost of this will be confirmed with you directly when you confirm your travel dates.


Finally, when booking your flights try and allow for the possibility of delays at immigration in Tel Aviv Airport upon arrival, from anything from 2 hrs – 12 hrs depending on how much the Israeli authorities decide to investigate you. Our booking at the hotel starts at 2pm on Thursday 31st March, and we have to leave the hotel before 12pm on Wednesday 6th April, with our advice that you should leave the hotel approximately five hours before departure to cover all security possibilities.

Are you able to take disabled or very elderly pilgrims?

The layout of the Old City makes the Aqsa complex quite difficult to navigate, due to its gradient and slopes as well as cobbled pathways which make it difficult for wheelchair pushing as well. Although it is possible to push a wheelchair, it will take approximately 15 minutes to do that from the hotel to the main Masjid al-Aqsa due to the slopes and uneven ground. The distance is not far, but the elderly and infirm will struggle on the route into and out of the Masjid. There are no hotels in Jerusalem whatsoever which can avoid this reality.

The nature of this package is very intense on the time of the leader and guide in order to give the best possible experience to the majority pilgrims. This means we sadly cannot take anyone who is disabled or is too weak or old to completely look after themselves. However if they are being accompanied by someone who will be able to look after that person’s each and every need without recourse to extra resources, then please email us for further discussion.

How do we book a place?

Please FILL IN THIS FORM and one of our team will contact you to confirm all the necessary details and requirements.

Will "Triple" rooms be bigger?

Please expect “triple” rooms to feel a bit less spacious. If you want to avoid any issues like this, we advise you to book a double room and that way you will be guaranteed that the hotel will not try to take advantage of you.

Who is the organiser of this Aqsa Program?

We are pleased to announce that all the tour packages offered by Hajj With AE are now powered by Dome Tours.

Dome Tours is a UK tour operator specialising in Hajj, Umrah & Tours having earned an outstanding reputation since 2002

Dome Tours’ crowning achievement was being voted the “Best UK Hajj Tour Operator” by the public in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Organised and hosted by CBHUK, the award is testament to the leadership, hard work and expertise of DT to serve the Guests of Allah and is a mark of distinction in the Hajj & Umrah market.

More recently, DT also scooped the Hajj & Umrah Business of the Year Award at the Islam Channel Business Awards 2019.

In recognition of this drive to raise standards, DT was selected to contribute to the Parliamentary Review 2019/2020 as a Best Practice Representative for the Hajj & Umrah industry.

Hajj with AE and Dome Tours will seek to enhance pilgrims’ Hajj & Umrah experience by combining a specially developed Tarbiyyah Program with the outstanding resources and expertise in travel and tours management we are proud to have developed.

This collaboration is another milestone in our efforts to serve the Guests of Allah the Most Exalted with the highest level of care, meticulous planning and a deep sense of devotion. We ask Allah for sincerity, steadfastness and success in this life and the next. Ameen.

Contact Details:

Dome Tours International Ltd
363-365 Harrow Rd, London, W9 3NA
+44 (0)208 962 6635