“My first journey to the holy lands to preform the ritual of Hajj was the most amazing, heartwarming uplifting journeys of my life. It was an experience like non I have experienced in my life. My journey tho wouldn’t have been complete without the companionships I had along the way I met nd stayed with brothers from all over the world . Weather it’s was waking each other up for salaah going to preform tawaf standing on Arafat sleeping in muzdalifah of staying in our tents for minah,we faced some good times and some hard we were always there for each other Al hamudulilaah .never the less the icing on the cake was having sheikh abu Essa leading our group. He made things so much easier and convenient by making sure we understood everything we were guna face along the way ,he was a guide when we need guidance he was a teacher when we needed to be taught he was a leader when we needed to be lead, but mostly he was one of the best companions to have on the best journey of my life hajj 2013.”