“I want to thank Sheik Abu Eisa for the great Hajj experience we had under his leadership. Abu Eisa is knowledgeable and well organized. He taught us o lot spiritual lessons from Quran and the Sunnah with valuable explanation. Sheik Abu Eisa was always available to answers all our questions regarding Hajj in both Arabic and English language, which was very beneficial because I am not a native English speaker. The sheik guided us to choose the right time to complete each step of the hajj to ensure our safety and ovoid crowded periods of time. And that was due to his long experience as a group leader. We are very thankful for that. Sheik Abu Eisa was helping us to make our hajj easy, he joined us to visit the historical sites and answered all our questions. And due to his cheerful character, he helped us reducing our stress during hajj. It was my first Hajj experience and I will not hesitate to choose Sheik Abu Eisa as my hajj Group leader.”