“We performed Hajj with Shaykh AE in 2016 Al hamdu lilah.   It was an absolutely amazing experience.  Initially we were looking for a non-shifting package due to time constraints, avoiding Aziziyah and the fact that we would be leaving our 2 toddlers with their grandparents.  We knew from the start that it was the scholar accompanying the group that was important to us, more than the package itself, as we wanted to gain maximum benefit from someone we could relate easily to. Once we saw that AE was taking a group, we jumped at the chance and booked straight away.

AE says he’s with you every step of the way, and he really is, humour fully intact – I never thought Hajj would include so many laughs!

As a scholar, AE is second to none, he’s truly one of a kind.  He made the brothers and sisters feel like valued group members, remembered our names, arranged plenty of study sessions and answered all of our questions, however trivial.

The hotels we stayed at in Makkah and Medina were first class, and the food was fantastic. Aziziah is another story – do not be under any illusions about this place being luxurious! To be honest, we’d have happily stayed on lower class hotels all the way through in order to benefit from Hajj with AE. It was, however, great preparation for Mina and where we had some fantastic study sessions with Shaykh and opportunity to get to know our group better.

If you want an intimate, educational and supportive Hajj group with fun included and a truly accessible, approachable scholar who will go out of his way for you then this is the group for you.

The pre and post-Hajj live Youtube videos were really useful for both preparation and for signing off from Hajj with a plan on how to move forwards as better, more successful muslims.

We feel so blessed to have been able to perform such a unique Hajj in such great company.  We have benefitted so much from the experience, have made some life long friendships, and due to AEs involvement with Logical Progression and AlMaghrib we have opportunity for continuing benefit him for years to come insha Allah.”