“As soon as we started to tell people we were leaving for Hajj, 1001 horror stories began. I’m guessing something similar may happen to you. Now, after returning back, people are in disbelief about our experiences. Believe me when I say we faced no issues at all throughout our entire journey. What’s even more shocking to practically everyone I’ve spoken to is the amount my parents and myself, along with the rest of our group, truly enjoyed Hajj. And what’s even better than that is how much we benefited. We cannot thank Shaykh enough for making all of that possible. Hajj with AE will never just be about completing the steps; you’ll be learning about how to live as better Muslims. Regardless of whether it displeases the Hay’a or whether you’re on a bus, coach, or plane, or performing Sa’y or Ramy, Shaykh will be there to help and teach. And in all situations he will be there to make sure everyone is smiling, if not laughing. Amongst the many things you will learn from Shaykh, here is what stands out most to me: no matter what logic leads you to believe, no matter what your natural inclinations may be, no matter what every other person is doing, no matter what the imams of al-Haramayn are doing, no matter what the norm may be, no matter what our quantitative mindsets may think, Shaykh will always emphasise that the Sunna is far better. And I can think of no better lesson to bring back home.”