HAJJ 2024


Based on four people sharing


Based on three people sharing


Based on twin sharing

Departure: approx June 2nd – 22nd 2024 (TBC)

The Package Includes

We are delighted to announce that by the permission of Allah we will be present on the Nusuk platform working with our trusted Saudi Hajj partner “AlBait Guests” under the guidelines of the Ministry of Hajj to offer the full Hajj with AE Tarbiyyah Program that has provided a unique and life-changing experience for thousands of pilgrims over the years.

We expect our program to be highly over-subscribed as it is every year. We will provide updates here and on our social media channels once Nusuk goes live. For those intending to go, please register on the form and that you will not miss any announcement or update.

To Book Your Place

Register your interest here (and you will be given priority access if allowed by Nusuk)

You will receive full private updates from the Team and the Sheikh once Nusuk announces when it will go live and the details of the process for 2024.


Itinerary Details



What are the details of the Hajj 2024 program?

We are delighted to confirm that the classic full AE Hajj Tarbiyyah Program will be returning as it has always been, with an improved form and a larger team of scholars and team leaders.

This program will be highly over-subscribed and will be entirely on the UK Nusuk platform. To give everyone a fair chance in advance, we are allowing people to register on a priority list which allows them to receive the details and booking opportunity for the program, before it is released to the public. Fill in your details here.

Are all the stated dates set and final?

Currently everything is estimated due to the new system of preparation for Hajj 2024. We will release confirmed facts as soon as we get them confirmed as well.

However we expect these dates to be accurate to +- 2 days either way due to the reasons mentioned above.

What if we are not based in the West?

HajjwithAE is open to all applicants from all countries as long as you hold citizenship and nationality of the main Western countries, but especially the UK, US and Canada where our offices are based. More details to be released when we receive the full go-ahead on visa options from the Saudi authorities.

Do you take single sisters?

Yes we do.

Is the Hajj sacrifice included?

As it stands, the Qurbani is NOT included in the price, but this is currently being reviewed by AlBait Guests.

Do you take children in your Hajj group?

We strongly advise that you do not bring children with you for the Hajj unless they are mature 13-years old plus, so that they can spiritually benefit as well as making things easy upon you. It is always best to try and arrange childcare with grandparents for all other children during your Hajj.

However, if you are unable to organise childcare, we put a a minimum age limit of 7 years old for any children. Even with this concession, we wish to emphasise that you will have to take complete responsibility at all times for your child. This might sound strange but often we have found parents are happy to let their children go to the Masjid and other locations by themselves because they trust them, and then they get lost. We cannot look after children during the Hajj and things can get intense, and they will not allow you to benefit and enjoy the experience as it should be. However, if you have absolutely no choice then we will allow you to bring a 7 year old and above, even though we do not advise it.

Where is Aziziyyah/Shisha and why are we staying there?

Shisha is a suburb of an area called Aziziyyah in Makkah, situated a few miles away from the Haram. The majority of all the pilgrims performing Hajj will move to this suburb a few days before the actual days of Hajj (we will go there on the 4th of Dhul Hijjah and then remain there until the end of Hajj itself). Our apartment is called “Base Camp” and it is a serviced modern building with dedicated cleaners, restaurant, Masjid/lecture hall and educational facilities, and the main Hajj educational program will be based here before the actual manasik of Hajj start.

That makes our Hajj package what is called a “shifting package” because we “shift” from our 5-star hotel in front of the Haram, to the suburb next to Mina a few miles away. You can also get “non-shifting” packages from other providers where you will not move from your hotel until the 8th of Dhul-Hijjah and then of course you have to shift anyway to the tents in Mina. These “non-shifting” packages are typically significantly more expensive. Sheikh Abu Eesa doesn’t like “non-shifting” packages and has built his program around moving to Base Camp to study, bond and prepare properly for the big days of Hajj to come, after everyone has had their fill of enjoying the Haram five times a day. You will still be allowed to take a bus or walk to the Haram every day, even when we are in Base Camp, but the Sheikh prefers to really get his Hujjaj focused on the program during those few days before moving to Mina. Please read our testimonials section here on the site and also the many reviews left on www.facebook.com/HajjwithAE to truly understand the value of this plan and how much it is appreciated by the Hujjaj.

What if we want to go to the Haram whilst we are staying in Aziziyyah?

You will be free to go anytime and there will be a transport system as well, as per the program.

Will "Quad" and "Triple" rooms be bigger?

During the Hajj season in Makkah and Madinah, the third and fourth beds in a “quad” and “triple” room are sometimes extra roll-away type beds. These rooms would otherwise normally be “double” rooms i.e. a room that only sleeps two twin beds or one double/king-size bed. Note, the usual room configuration standards for Saudi hotels especially in Madinah, and in Makkah too, are different from international standards. This might mean that rooms feel a bit less spacious. If you want to avoid any issues like this, we advise you to book a double room.

Are you able to take disabled or very elderly pilgrims?

Unfortunately the nature of this package is very intense on the time of the leader and guide in order to give the best possible experience to the majority pilgrims. This means we sadly cannot take anyone who is disabled or is too weak or old to completely look after themselves. However if they are being accompanied by someone who will be able to look after that person’s each and every need without recourse to extra resources, then please email us for further discussion. Everyone is responsible for their own movements and actions and we strongly advise that those with extreme difficulties or restrictions try a different group more suited to your needs.

How fit do I have to be for Hajj?

The Hajj involves a significant amount of walking, and our program specifically emphasises fitness and walking even more. On some days you will do 30k-40k steps in intense heat. Even though we are in new and close 5-star hotels in front of the Haram, it is still not easy in very busy crowds which requires a certain level of fitness. And again, in Tawaf and Sa‘i, there is a significant amount of walking. We encourage everyone to start practising now, and to follow Sheikh AE’s preparation instructions very carefully as he will be advising the pilgrims on all of this many months in advance before we leave and it is essential that you follow that guidance.

What camp will we be in during Mina?

We will be in upgraded Mina camps in the European section along with 99% of all the other UK Hajj groups, which is a good 45 minute walk to the Jamarat and thus the need to practice walking in advance. For those who cannot walk this distance and back, you shouldn’t worry too much and certain actions can be deputised for and you can stay in the camp. Sheikh AE will explain the best method for this if one becomes ill or tired for such distances.

How do your services compare to others in Mina and Hajj?

We are proud to have not just standard air-conditioned tents in both locations, but full-board meals and drinks, comfortable sofa-beds, duvets, electric points and a great educational program which will also include a mini-Islamic conference with some of the West’s most popular and loved scholars as arranged by Shaykh Abu Eesa.

How do we book a place?

See above or contact us here and quote “HajjwithAE”