HAJJ 2020


Based on four people sharing


Based on three people sharing


Based on twin sharing

Departure: 16-17th July 2020 (provisional)
Return: 5th August 2020 (provisional)

The Package Includes

 THIS is the only genuine Shaykh AE Tarbiyyah Hajj Program that is being offered in 2020, and has a unique and renowned dynamic suited to those who want more than just Hajj from this journey. The itinerary has been designed 100% by the Shaykh to the very minutest detail.
 Flights to Madinah from London, Manchester, Toronto, New York and other major cities from around the world. Return flights are from Jeddah
 Full Hajj Visa service
Hajj Drafts and Ministry of Hajj costs included in the package
5 Star Hotel in Madinah – breakfast and dinner included
5 Star Hotel in Makkah – breakfast and dinner included
Standard Dedicated Apartments in Shisha, Aziziyyah – breakfast and dinner included
Special services in Mina and VIP Arafat tents inclusive of full meals
Qurbani costs included, one per person
Round Transportation in private air-conditioned coaches
Group will be accompanied all the way by Shaykh Abu Eesa Niamatullah and Shaykh ‘Abdul-Ghaffar
 Tours of key external historical sites (Ziyarat)  
Visits to museums exhibiting the legacy of the Haram, the history of the Qur’an and the Sahabah
Guided tours of the Masjid reliving the Seerah, as well as practical lessons at the Baqee’ Graveyard for the Fiqh of Janazah and Burial
Schedules from experienced organisers allowing for plenty of personal spiritual time, as well as structured Qur’an lessons, Q&A sessions and detailed lessons at base camp offered with the Shaykh and voluntary Q&A sessions at the Haram
Access to the Shaykh 24/7 via the Hajj Whatsapp group and personal telephone
 For TESTIMONIALS for this Hajj package, please see HERE
Exclusive access to our joint Mina mini-Ilmfest conference including speakers like Sh Omar Suleiman, Sh Yasir Qadhi, and others. Also exclusive gatherings with prominent scholars and speakers will be facilitated insha’Allah.
Full mentoring three months before departure as well as after your return, ‘Umrah and Hajj webinars and individual email support for all the pilgrims before they depart from Shaykh Abu Eesa and then full Whatsapp and Mobile phone support 24/7 during the trip as well
Ihram, draw-string bag, and a carry bag for ‘Arafah & Muzdalifah will be given complimentary upon check-in
Group will be accompanied by tour managers and assistants

To Book Your Place



  • At this moment in time, we are only taking registrations, full booking requirements will follow in the next few weeks when a deposit will be set and requested on behalf of all applicants, and then in January the final details and prices will be confirmed. To avoid disappointment, please do not delay in registering if you definitely intend to go to Hajj. Early registrants are the only people who will be given priority in paying their deposits.
  • Any deposits taken in the next few weeks are fully refundable up and until TWO WEEKS after the final details, dates, and prices are confirmed, which we expect to happen in late January. No reason has to be given for request of refund but you will forfeit your place on the waiting list.
  • We expect this particular program at its current allocation of visas with Shaykh Abu Eesa to be full by the end of 2019. Priority will be given to those who have their names on the list first, and have paid their deposit. You cannot pay a deposit until you are personally contacted, which will be done in order of your registration date. This is unfortunately a first-come first-served system due to the numbers of applications and this is the fairest system that works for all parties.
  • Please complete the form

Itinerary Details

NOTE: All dates might change by a day earlier or later depending upon the Saudi authorities, and airline schedules

16-17th JULY – 5th AUGUST provisional dates

The full itinerary is only given to those who have registered. For those wanting to get an idea what it will contain, please see the Experience tabs and Reviews tabs. It is possible your flight will leave on the 18th of July and also that you return on the 4th of August. The 17th to the 5th seems the most probable dates at the moment.


Are all the stated dates set and final?

At this moment in time, the dates are only provisional. We expect them to be accurate to +- 2 days either way. We will have confirmed exact dates in January 2020 inshallah.

What if we don't live in London?

We will be departing from all the world’s major airports so we hope to service your country as well. Please register here and we will help you the best we can. Non-UK applicants might have to pay a little extra if their airplane ticket is more expensive, but will also receive a rebate if their ticket is cheaper, all calibrated according to a standard UK ticket. You will be informed of this in good time.

You must choose which airport you prefer to leave from (on your detailed booking form which you will receive once you have paid the deposit in December 2019) but please note that this is subject to availability as flights are very limited. We will try our absolute best to put you on a flight closest to your home, and we will of course be there every step of the way to assist in all planning and logistics, and please feel free to ask Shaykh AE for advice too on the group portal that will be set up early in 2020 once you have signed up. You can also get quick advice from our Facebook team on www.facebook.com/HajjwithAE

What is the baggage allowance?


Is the Hajj sacrifice included?

Yes, the Qurbani is included in the price as is every other usual cost. We also provide a list of complimentary items as listed above.

Is it true that I have to pay 2000 riyals if I am a repeat pilgrim?

If you are repeating either Hajj or ‘Umrah for the second time within two Islamic hijri one years, then the Saudi Embassy in the UK might force you to pay 2000 Saudi Riyals as a “tax” that was introduced in 2017 as part of their new Economic 2030 plans. We have no control over this, but we will always help advise. If you wish to proceed, and we confirm from the Embassy that you will be liable for this charge, we will request this fee from you at the time of submitting your passport in the last 1-2 months before we leave. However please note that the Hajj Ministry are constantly changing their plans and fees structure and so it is possible there is no fee to be paid at all.

For a full explanation on how the current system works and whether YOU will be required to pay the fee, please see this post here and the automatic checker tool as well.

Please note that you do NOT have to pay the 2000 SAR fee if you have done Hajj in the same 12 month period as an ‘Umrah. They are classed as different pilgrimages. The charge only occurs if you do two ‘Umrahs in the same period. Also, the “one Hajj only per five years” rule seems to have been replaced if you wish to repeat your Hajj, so please enquire at the office.

Do we need to bring anything specific?

Shaykh AE will cover in detail all the things you need to do beforehand and bring with you, in the Hajj seminars and the Hajj Google Group that you will be added to as soon as you book your place. We do advise though that you prepare to bring a sleeping bag of any description which will prove very useful in Muzdalifah, as well as battery power packs for your mobile phones which are priceless! Please remember to ask the Shaykh to explain about this more in the educational programs.

Do you take children in your Hajj group?

We strongly advise that you do not bring children with you for the Hajj unless they are mature 13-years old plus, so that they can spiritually benefit as well as making things easy upon you. It is always best to try and arrange childcare with grandparents for all other children during your Hajj.

However, if you are unable to organise childcare, we put a a minimum age limit of 7 years old for any children. Even with this concession, we wish to emphasise that you will have to take complete responsibility at all times for your child. This might sound strange but often we have found parents are happy to let their children go to the Masjid and other locations by themselves because they trust them, and then they get lost. We cannot look after children during the Hajj and things can get intense, and they will not allow you to benefit and enjoy the experience as it should be. However, if you have absolutely no choice then we will allow you to bring a 7 year old and above, even though we do not advise it.

Will there be many delays during Hajj?

You will have heard that Hajj requires a huge amount of patience but we certainly don’t want to hide behind that when it comes to our professionalism. However many things are out of our control. Sometimes processing passports at immigration can be very long, and other times very short. Waiting on the coach at the Mutawwif’s office can also vary depending entirely on the mood of the administrative staff there. The coach journey from Madinah to Makkah is the furthest in distance but it might be completed in less time than the tiny few mile journey from Arafah to Muzdalifah due to the traffic jams. Please prepare yourself for potential long waits at these key moments.

Where is Aziziyyah and why are we staying there?

Aziziyyah is a suburb in Makkah situated a few miles away from the Haram. The majority of all the pilgrims performing Hajj will move to this suburb a few days before the actual days of Hajj (we will go there on the 4th of Dhul Hijjah and then remain there until the end of Hajj itself). Our apartment there is a serviced modern building with dedicated cleaners, restaurant, Masjid/lecture hall and educational facilities, and the main Hajj educational program will be based here before the actual manasik of Hajj start.

That makes our Hajj package what is called a “shifting package” because we “shift” from our 5-star hotel in front of the Haram, to the suburb next to Mina a few miles away. You can also get “non-shifting” packages from other providers where you will not move from your hotel until the 8th of Dhul-Hijjah and then of course you have to shift anyway to the tents in Mina. These “non-shifting” packages are typically significantly more expensive. Shaykh Abu Eesa doesn’t like “non-shifting” packages and has built his program around moving to the suburbs to study, bond and prepare properly for the big days of Hajj to come, after everyone has had their fill of enjoying the Haram five times a day. You will still be allowed to take a bus or walk to the Haram every day, even when we are in Aziziyyah, but the Shaykh prefers to really get his Hujjaj focused on the program during those few days before moving to Mina. Please read our testimonials section here on the site and also the many reviews left on www.facebook.com/HajjwithAE to truly understand the value of this plan and how much it is appreciated by the Hujjaj.

What if we want to go to the Haram whilst we are staying in Aziziyyah?

You are free to go to the Haram at any time, and it is not difficult. We are situated in a central location and taxis and buses are always available but depending on traffic, please be aware that it might take from twenty minutes to two hours to navigate and thus it is always advised to leave early, well before the prayer times. Some people also walk to the Haram but this is only advised for those who are fit enough. It is often quicker than going by bus. Typical prices are 50 Saudi riyals (approximately 4-5 riyals = £1) for a taxi which you can share with three or four other friends, and 10 Saudi riyals for a bus. Note that your negotiation skills will be tested especially as they try to charge you triple! Of course we will always be on hand to help advise. Please note that the Shaykh likes intense study and ‘ibadah techniques to be practised during our time in Aziziyyah for the more important Hajj days coming up, and he prepares much lessons, team and bonding sessions during this time.

Will you ever provide a bus or coach to the haram?


Can I book a room with a view of the Haram or the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah?

We might be able to do this at extra cost, but we cannot guarantee it because the bookings are entirely in the hands of the hotel staff. If you do get a room like that, Alhamdulillah it’s a blessing but it certainly wasn’t planned! It is possible that you might be able to pay for an upgrade, but beware it is very expensive.

Will "Quad" and "Triple" rooms be bigger?

During the Hajj season in Makkah and Madinah, the third and fourth beds in a “quad” and “triple” room are sometimes extra roll-away type beds. These rooms would otherwise normally be “double” rooms i.e. a room that only sleeps two twin beds or one double/king-size bed. Remember, the usual room configuration standards for Saudi hotels especially in Madinah, and in Makkah too, are different from international standards. This might mean that rooms feel a bit less spacious. If you want to avoid any issues like this, we advise you to book a double room and that way you will be guaranteed that the hotel will not try to take advantage of you.

How will the rooms in Aziziyyah be?

The rooms in Aziziyyah are shared between four people with their own small bathroom and small shower cubicle. Toiletries will be replaced daily, and the room is clean, modern, functional with a TV, kettle and towels provided, although we do advise you bring a towel for your trip regardless especially for the stay in the Mina tents. Aziziyyah rooms are certainly not the 5-star rooms you will enjoy in the first half of the trip, but we guarantee that you will not regret your stay in what we call “Hajj Base Camp”, which as our Shaykh insists helps prepare for the tests to come – please read the reviews and testimonials carefully to understand this. We have our own restaurant which will serve breakfast and dinner.

Can I ask for a room for two or three people only, instead of four, in Aziziyyah? Such as myself and my wife?

Yes, but this will be at a significant extra cost. Shaykh AE discourages this due to the cost and also in order to get used to being separated in Mina – gender segregation is obligatory in Mina and ‘Arafah. He also prefers the Hujjaj to develop relationships with their new room mates, which our previous Hujjaj have always celebrated upon reflection and return from the Hajj. However if honeymooners or others with good reason still wish to have their own double room, please contact us to confirm this well in advance.

Can I fly in to Saudi Arabia later than the group or leave earlier due to work reasons etc?

Unfortunately we don’t like to provide this facility. Even though it might be technically possible to offer the option, you will miss out on a significant aspect of the tarbiyyah and group vibe, you will find it more stressful travelling alone and getting through immigration and to the hotel by yourself without a group, let alone the fact that you will be missing out on staying in Madinah and perhaps some of Makkah itself if you arrive later than the group (you will not be able to leave earlier for the UK because our group is already the one which leaves for the UK the earliest). If you still wish to proceed, please contact the office.

Are you able to take disabled or very elderly pilgrims?

Unfortunately the nature of this package is very intense on the time of the leader and guide in order to give the best possible experience to the majority pilgrims. This means we sadly cannot take anyone who is disabled or is too weak or old to completely look after themselves. However if they are being accompanied by someone who will be able to look after that person’s each and every need without recourse to extra resources, then please email us for further discussion. Everyone is responsible for their own movements and actions and we strongly advise that those with extreme difficulties or restrictions try a different group more suited to your needs.

How fit do I have to be for Hajj?

The Hajj involves a significant amount of walking. Even though we are in the newest and most closest of 5-star hotels right on the doors of each Haram, it is still not easy in very busy crowds which requires a certain level of fitness. And again, in Tawaf and Sa‘i, there is a significant amount of walking. We encourage everyone to start practising now, and to follow Shaykh AE’s preparation instructions very carefully as he will be advising the pilgrims on all of this many months in advance before we leave and it is essential that you follow that guidance.

What camp will we be in during Mina?

We will be in upgraded Mina camps in the European section along with 99% of all the other UK Hajj groups, which is a good 30 minute walk to the Jamarat and thus the need to practice walking in advance. For those who cannot walk this distance and back, you shouldn’t worry too much and certain actions can be deputised for and you can stay in the camp. Shaykh AE will explain the best method for this if one becomes ill or tired for such distances.

How do your services compare to others in Mina and Hajj?

We are proud to have not just standard air-conditioned tents in both locations, but full-board meals and drinks, comfortable sofa-beds, duvets, electric points and a great educational program which will also include a mini-Islamic conference with some of the West’s most popular and loved scholars as arranged by Shaykh Abu Eesa.

How do we book a place?

Please register here or contact us here http://hajjwithae.com/contactus/ and quote “HajjwithAE”

Who is the organiser of this Hajj Package?

We are the Western World’s Premier Hajj company, Dar El Salam travels. Visit us at http://www.darelsalam.com/uk/