Welcome to our special initiative to maximise the amount of people who can benefit from the extremely popular Tarbiyyah Program that many of you personally can attest to the huge benefits and guidance it can bring to someone’s life!

Many want that lifelong mentorship from AE for themselves and their families that you yourself have personally experienced, but cannot afford the increasing costs of such programs, whether in the setting of the blessed pilgrimages of Umrah or to Masjid al-Aqsa etc. Indeed you yourself will know of those you wish to apply for financial aid. We have set up a fund to be used to help those whom we feel deserve it and will benefit from it. Everything remains anonymous, nobody will know who received support, and the recipient will never be required to do things or publicise anything upon their return.

Your generous contribution can help make a dream come true and bring immense blessings to someone’s life. Join us in this noble endeavour to provide the gift of a lifetime – may Allah accept it from you. Let’s work together to make this spiritual journey possible for those in need.

Donate to the AE Tarbiyyah Fund here


For those who wish to join one of our Tarbiyyah programs and cannot find sufficient means to cover the costs, please apply directly to the program in question and select the box labelled “Financial Aid” and we will reach out and offer as much as we can inshallah!