“Alhamdulillah I’ve been to hajj more than once and I can truly say hajj with AE was the best. Shaykh is very knowledgeable and is very experienced. Mashallah tabarakallah shaykh is an ocean of knowledge and he truly does ihsaan when it comes to his halaqa sessions and Q and A. He really goes out of his way to look after his hajj group (this includes declining lavish parties)! The hajj group usually will consist of like minded people who want to improves their Islamic knowledge. In AE’s own words “the people you go to hajj with can either make or break your hajj”

Inshallah I will like to do hajj with AE again.”
Nimni Sultana

“I was part of the hajj with AE group in 2016. It was undoubtedly the best experience of my life Alhamdulillah. We travelled as a family of 4 and still talk about our hajj experiences daily. We were blessed to have AE with us, he really did go out of his way to make sure everyone was comfortable in both the physical and spiritual sense. From the introduction to Masjid Nabawi upon arrival to guided tours of the haram in Makkah to pre-Arafah dua seminars in Mina, we were always well advised on how to maximise the benefit and blessings we could take from the journey. The knowledge I gained during hajj has certainly changed my ibadah for the better. hajjwithAE and the many life long friends made at hajj 2016 will remain in my duas for a long time to come inshaAllah. For anyone that wishes to perform hajj in a great atmosphere with full knowledge of what, when, why and how to fulfil all rites then hajjwithae.com is definitely recommended.”

Dr Usman Ashraf

“Being able to go on Hajj and have Shaykh Abu Eesa guiding us was a great blessing alhamdulillah. Shaykh encouraged a real sense of unity between us, a friendly approach that meant there were many moments of laughter and a vast wealth of knowledge which proved very beneficial for our group study and Q&A sessions throughout the trip. He held online sessions beforehand and was dedicated in replying to all of our emails in order to make sure we were fully prepared. He helped us to perform our hajj in perfect accordance with the Sunnah. He made himself available to us to give us guided tours around the area and was patient and understanding to all of the needs of the group. May Allah reward him for us efforts and accept it from us all.”

Sana Hussain

“As a Hajj guide you would struggle to find someone better than Sheikh Abu Eesa. He provided us with detailed lessons on the fiqh of Hajj, practical advice on how to make the most of your Hajj and answering questions on any topic at anytime. Sheikh looked after our group very well making himself available at all times (to both brothers and sisters), leading the group through the Umrah and Hajj rituals and spending countless hours answering questions on coach rides, in class and on the WhatsApp group that was set up. Due to the Sheikh’s easy going nature, knowledge and experience of Hajj ,my Hajj was stress free and an enjoyable experience. I would recommend this package to anyone regardless of if they are travelling on their own or with family.”

Kasim Hussain

“We performed Hajj with Shaykh AE in 2016 Al hamdu lilah.   It was an absolutely amazing experience.  Initially we were looking for a non-shifting package due to time constraints, avoiding Aziziyah and the fact that we would be leaving our 2 toddlers with their grandparents.  We knew from the start that it was the scholar accompanying the group that was important to us, more than the package itself, as we wanted to gain maximum benefit from someone we could relate easily to. Once we saw that AE was taking a group, we jumped at the chance and booked straight away.

AE says he’s with you every step of the way, and he really is, humour fully intact – I never thought Hajj would include so many laughs!

As a scholar, AE is second to none, he’s truly one of a kind.  He made the brothers and sisters feel like valued group members, remembered our names, arranged plenty of study sessions and answered all of our questions, however trivial.

The hotels we stayed at in Makkah and Medina were first class, and the food was fantastic. Aziziah is another story – do not be under any illusions about this place being luxurious! To be honest, we’d have happily stayed on lower class hotels all the way through in order to benefit from Hajj with AE. It was, however, great preparation for Mina and where we had some fantastic study sessions with Shaykh and opportunity to get to know our group better.

If you want an intimate, educational and supportive Hajj group with fun included and a truly accessible, approachable scholar who will go out of his way for you then this is the group for you.

The pre and post-Hajj live Youtube videos were really useful for both preparation and for signing off from Hajj with a plan on how to move forwards as better, more successful muslims.

We feel so blessed to have been able to perform such a unique Hajj in such great company.  We have benefitted so much from the experience, have made some life long friendships, and due to AEs involvement with Logical Progression and AlMaghrib we have opportunity for continuing benefit him for years to come insha Allah.”

Mohsin Vawda & Sumayyah Burton

“I completed Hajj in 2016 with my mother and 3 sisters. We were drawn to this package largely due to Shaykh Abu Eesa. My father and uncle kept informing us that our hajj group leader will never be there as it is so busy and it will be every man for themselves however this was not the case Alhamdulillah. Shaykh AE was always on hand from start to end, with us every step of the way, from group trips to the Haramayn to a long night in Muzdalifah. The classes that the Shaykh put on were brilliant to help us understand what we are doing and why we are doing it, the experience was massively different to groups that seemed to be following their leaders like sheep. It was not only trip to hajj but the start of a life changing journey. So many fond memories Alhamdulillah and if I was to go again I would go with Shaykh Abu Eesa without hesitation. (p.s loved each and every member of our group, May Allah accept from all of us and unite us all in Jannatul Firdous, Ameen).”

Usman Hussain

“Salam brothers and sisters, I was a very fortunate one who got to complete my hajj with my husband in 2016. The whole experience of Hajj is incredible however hajj with Sheikh Abu Eesa is the next level! Our Sheikh is mashAllah amazing. Sheikh explains everything to you all at the right time. As cheesy as it sounds if I could do hajj every year I would no doubt choose to do hajj with AE hands down!

Brothers and sisters hajj with AE is amazing you will learn so much with sheikh and also have fun!”

Saira Baig

“As soon as we started to tell people we were leaving for Hajj, 1001 horror stories began. I’m guessing something similar may happen to you. Now, after returning back, people are in disbelief about our experiences. Believe me when I say we faced no issues at all throughout our entire journey. What’s even more shocking to practically everyone I’ve spoken to is the amount my parents and myself, along with the rest of our group, truly enjoyed Hajj. And what’s even better than that is how much we benefited. We cannot thank Shaykh enough for making all of that possible. Hajj with AE will never just be about completing the steps; you’ll be learning about how to live as better Muslims. Regardless of whether it displeases the Hay’a or whether you’re on a bus, coach, or plane, or performing Sa’y or Ramy, Shaykh will be there to help and teach. And in all situations he will be there to make sure everyone is smiling, if not laughing. Amongst the many things you will learn from Shaykh, here is what stands out most to me: no matter what logic leads you to believe, no matter what your natural inclinations may be, no matter what every other person is doing, no matter what the imams of al-Haramayn are doing, no matter what the norm may be, no matter what our quantitative mindsets may think, Shaykh will always emphasise that the Sunna is far better. And I can think of no better lesson to bring back home.”

Zubda Hussain

“I had the honour of making Hajj a few years back under the leadership and guidance of Sh. Abu Eesa Niamtullah alongside several of my family members. Being that this was my first time undertaking this blessed journey I was anxious to ensure I did everything correctly and along the way I had many questions in relation to my families unique circumstances. Sh. Abu Eesa went above and beyond what was expected and made himself available to us at all times and was actually on the ground with the Hujjaj giving us confidence in our acts of worship and providing us the spiritual boost needed to make us remember why we were there. I would recommend Sh. Abu Eesa’s hajj package to anyone who wants to get a 5 star Hajj experience without the 5 star price!

Boonaa Mohammad

Boonaa Mohammed

“My Hajj experience has by far been the best experience I’ve ever had in my life alhamdulillah! As a revert, I was terrified about what to expect. I had watched YouTube videos and read books, but what made my knowledge a reality was our helpful guide shaykh abu eesa! When it’s your first time you have a million and one questions and alhamdulillah for the shaykh for having so much patience. He kept us motivated and encouraged throughout our journey and provided us with his usual AE comic relief when things got tough. I got sick on the night of muzdalifah and will never forget his patience for helping my husband and I figure out how to accommodate me there. I hope others can seek as much benefit as I did during their hajj experience iA!”

Nisha Ravindranath

“My hajj with Abu Eesa was AMAZING! It was my 2nd time going for hajj as an adult, and comparing my 1st hajj with a full 5-star package, this was a fraction of the cost and ended up being a way better spiritual experience – may Allah accept it! Going with Abu Eesa, he helped us gain a strong connection with the Islamic history and Allah SWT leading up to the days of hajj and continued even after to ensure that we had everything we were looking for to take it up a notch and be better slaves of Allah. If this is your 1st, 2nd, or any # of hajj, make sure you go with Abu Eesa!”

Abdulraheem Siddiqui

“The webinar that sheik Abu Easa did before Hajj helped me and my husband to prepare ourselves for Hajj. Ma sha Allah, he is to the point and very knowledgeable. Do make good use of the preparation resources the group provide you before Hajj as these will make a BIG difference in your Hajj journey.”

Housnah Gunny

“Best hajj experience ever! (Although it was our only one, so not much to compare against) but Sh AE and MAS made it such a memorable experience. They were there every step of the way to inspire, guide and encourage. My wife was full of questions and I was full of awe at AE’s constant patience at answering everything. Didn’t think hajj could feel like a party but AE’s humour kept us constantly entertained. But once we got back to camp the humour stopped and it was hardcore ibada time boot camp style so it was a good balance Alhamdulillah. Looking forward to doing it again with you sheikh!”

Areeb Bajwa

“Hajj by itself is a transformative experience, and even more so under the guidance of Shaykh Abu Eesa. When the sun was hot and the going got tough, his reminders and lessons constantly pushed us to aim higher and strive harder to stand out from the crowd in terms of gaining nearness to Allah. He leaves his jokes behind, and instead you get powerful reminders that will help keep you spiritually-focused and internally on track, and help you get the best out of your Hajj.”

Idrees Ally

“My first journey to the holy lands to preform the ritual of Hajj was the most amazing, heartwarming uplifting journeys of my life. It was an experience like non I have experienced in my life. My journey tho wouldn’t have been complete without the companionships I had along the way I met nd stayed with brothers from all over the world . Weather it’s was waking each other up for salaah going to preform tawaf standing on Arafat sleeping in muzdalifah of staying in our tents for minah,we faced some good times and some hard we were always there for each other Al hamudulilaah .never the less the icing on the cake was having sheikh abu Essa leading our group. He made things so much easier and convenient by making sure we understood everything we were guna face along the way ,he was a guide when we need guidance he was a teacher when we needed to be taught he was a leader when we needed to be lead, but mostly he was one of the best companions to have on the best journey of my life hajj 2013.”

Abdulrashi Chamaa

“In 2012 my wife and I were received tremendous Blessings from Allah SWT. A few months after being married we were able to make hajj. One of our two hajj guides was Sh. Abu Eesa Niamatullah. Being able to make hajj with both was an unforgettable experience. It was my first time meeting Sh. Abu Eesa and he did not disappoint, mashaAllah. His spiritual lectures, great sense of humor, accessibility, compassion, thoughtfulness, and mere presence with the group was a delight! If you have the opportunity, hajj with Sh. Abu Eesa is highly recommended!”

Danish Siddiqui

“Sheikh Abu Eesa provided kind and gentle guidance. He made sure to give all the different opinions related to anything that was asked, and this made it easy for me to choose the way I wished to follow. I

enjoyed his company, his stories, and most of all his passion for Hajj. I will always remember the time spent together, one-on-one, walking to throw our Jamarat. He will always be in my thoughts and prayers.”

Osama Faris

“I performed Hajj in 2012 with a group led by Shaykh Abu Eesa Niamatullah. He took us through the rites of hajj step by step, prepared us mentally and answered our how, what and why questions along the way. His teaching style was interactive and very hands on. From delivering mini halaqas to sharing knowledge about important places and events throughout the trip was both insightful and spiritually uplifting. Whether you have previously gone for Hajj or if you are going for the very first time, I would highly recommend going with a group led by Shaykh Abu Eesa.”

Ali Khan

“Sheikh Abu Eesa was an outstanding spiritual guide during our hajj trip. His classes going over the Fiqh of Hajj detailed the process of the hajj and helped you connect with Allah as you went through it. He was there to explain the limits and rulings of Hajj based on each persons scenario, and for any unexpected situations that may come up. His experiences and stories gave us tips and insights that helped ease our journey through the cities, sightseeing, and of course the Hajj. He is easily approachable to answer questions for men and women, is always up for a good chat and is a wonderful travelling companion. And lastly, If you are ever buying AlBaik be sure to bring some extra for your Hajj guide :)”

Muzammil Khan

“I performed Hajj with Shaykh Abu Eesa in 2012, and had a great time, Alhamdulilah. The Shaykh support us throughout the entire process. He was with us during difficult times from our arrival to departure from Jeddah airport. He explained the difficulties and challenges we will face during every Ritual of the Hajj and its logistical nightmare and adjust our expectations. He was available every single day, and more during the day(s) in Mina, Arafat, and Tashreeq. In addition to the halaqa’s (spiritual and Hajj teachings), he would give sufficient time to answer everyone’s questions or address their concerns. He wasn’t a halaqa-only-imam, or a salah-imam, he lead even during the boring gruesome bus rides from Makkah to Medina, preached during our tours, and even gave us practical advice for shopping. More importantly, Shaykh AE walked us through the rites of Hajj step-by-step, helping us understand the importance and history behind the rituals, making it a spiritually uplifting experience. Shaykh AE is someone I am comfortable with; he is approachable, respectful, and considerate, which was enough to give me the Hajj experience of a life time. May Allah grant us all Hajj Mabroor. Wa’Alaykum Salaam wa RahmetAllahe wa Barakatuh.”

Mohammed Saeed Aga

“I attended Rizq Factory: Fiqh of Worship and there Sheikh Niamatullah announced that he was leading the student package. I really wanted to go and Allah made it so. As someone who didn’t get a lot of time to travel (due to work) I was very nervous about travelling. Alhamdolillah, Allah made it easy. Sheikh arranged to meet at Heathrow, we wore our ahraams when Ustad instructed (which turned out to be a really good move as we were not scrambling to do it in the aeroplane). I was lucky to sit next to sheikh on the airplane and I felt very comfortable getting to know him. Again, Sheikh made it very easy to get through the airport and haj terminal. We soon got to the hotel (took a photo of the hotel and address which I would recommend everyone to do). Sheikh recommended we rest and then do the Umrah. I stuck with the Sheikh and Umrah was completed – I had a wonderful and memorable time. Thank you Ustad.

One of the most memorable occasions when I look back was walking with Ustad between safa and marwa where we completed the rituals but also had deep, personal discussions. Also, Abu Eesa is an extremely funny person and so there were so many funny occasions. In the following days, I would naturally want to go the mosque on my own so Ustad personally took me there and back. He explained which busses to get on and where. That really helped. Sheikh was always caring – I got the customary illness, flu/stomach pains but Ustad kept looking in on me. All through the major ritual stages, Ustad was there and gave us talks and advice. Hajj is hard but with Ustad’s assistance it was memorable. Alhamdolliah, Hajj went very well even during all the scaring moments (Muzdaliffa). Ustad was always looking over everyone. Moments when walking in our group with the throngs of people e.g. through the tunnels to the jammarat etc. was fantastic. When looking back, I believe attending the course allowed me to maximise my preparation for the Hajj. Ustad being there along the way was comforting. I learned so much and really don’t think there were much more I could have asked for.

On to beautiful Madina – I still remember walking to the Prophets mosque and then Ustad pointing – suddenly there was the mosque in all it’s beauty – it was an awe inspiring sight. I felt so lucky to be with Ustad Niamatullah, e.g. events such as praying in the mosque and then Ustad explaining the parts of the mosque. Great tips such as joining a janaza into Baqi cemetary etc. My only regret was that I couldn’t stay longer due to work and so had to come home earlier then most. Despite this I felt extremely blessed to have done my Hajj with Abu Eesa.

Off the record: Lots of laughs over day old Al Baik – damn that was good. Oh and finally, your dream Hajj may come true but it might entail you breaking your back by carrying some of Ustad’s luggage. Uff Hajj is hard. =)

Anis Khan

“I want to thank Sheik Abu Eisa for the great Hajj experience we had under his leadership. Abu Eisa is knowledgeable and well organized. He taught us o lot spiritual lessons from Quran and the Sunnah with valuable explanation. Sheik Abu Eisa was always available to answers all our questions regarding Hajj in both Arabic and English language, which was very beneficial because I am not a native English speaker. The sheik guided us to choose the right time to complete each step of the hajj to ensure our safety and ovoid crowded periods of time. And that was due to his long experience as a group leader. We are very thankful for that. Sheik Abu Eisa was helping us to make our hajj easy, he joined us to visit the historical sites and answered all our questions. And due to his cheerful character, he helped us reducing our stress during hajj. It was my first Hajj experience and I will not hesitate to choose Sheik Abu Eisa as my hajj Group leader.”

Abelwahed Naoui