The Packages Include

  • Group will be personally led all the way by Shaykh Abu Eesa Niamatullah with the full UK-version “Umrah with AE Tarbiyyah Program”
  • The program dates will be March 2nd until March 12th
  • The cost is £1390 per person in a quad room, £1490 per person in a triple room and £1590 per person in a twin room – double beds available for couples upon request. Single rooms are also available for £1990 per person.
  • Nokhbah Royal in Madinah – 5 nights, breakfast included
  • Hilton Suites in Makkah – 5 nights, breakfast included
  • Ten-day program including flights with Royal Jordanian Airways from London
  • Arrival to Madinah, departure from Jeddah
  • Dome Tours Staff will escort and support the group 24/7
  • All possible visits, guided tours and group sessions of the full AE Tarbiyyah Program including The Fiqh of Death at Baqee’, The Quba Walking Tour, Dar al-Madinah Museum Tour, the Ziyarat of Madinah and Makkah, the Group circles in the Haram etc that can be legally achieved during our stay under the changing Saudi guidelines,
  • Private Air-conditioned coaches throughout
  • Full mentoring well in advance before departure as well as after your return, Umrah webinars and individual email support for all the pilgrims before they depart from Shaykh Abu Eesa and then full Whatsapp and Mobile phone support 24/7 during the trip as well


The detailed facts and requirements for the Umrah Program

There are a number of changes that have had to be implemented to ensure the best and most safe possible Umrah experience under the current Covid conditions, which still meet the requirements of Shaykh AE’s Tarbiyyah Program. Please note the following:


  • Early registration is highly recommended so that you can immediately enter the Shaykh’s dedicated private email/Telegram group for this trip. In that group, you will be able to get absolute clarity from the Shaykh and support staff in real time on the many new changes and systems that are facing us with international travel opening back up along with the new legal guidelines that need to be navigated. They will be able to offer highly useful personalised advice to your specific situation.


  • All pilgrims must be double vaccinated with the WHO list of Covid vaccines; we also highly advise you get the “booster shot” or third vaccination asap as well as Saudi Arabia are introducing legislation that obligates the booster shot for all citizens from February 1st 2022 and this will likely be extended to foreign pilgrims as well. If you had your second dose of a Covid vaccination over 8 months before the date of travel, you are obligated to have a booster dose and then allow 14 days to pass before the travel date. You will be expected to wear masks where required by the authorities, and to socially distance at times as well. We will ensure the safest possible trip for our pilgrims using our own medical and professional experience as well.


  • All pilgrims must have undertaken a Covid PCR-RT test OR a professional rapid Antigen test at a local Pharmacy that produces a Fit-To-Fly certificate no more than 48hrs before your departure time to Saudi Arabia from your country, showing a negative result. The Shaykh will help everyone in this during the preparation stage.


  • The age limit is officially for over 8’s only, with no maximum age limit. Children over the age of 8 who are double vaccinated, can receive a tourist visa as well an entry to the Haram on production of a double vaccination certificate. All children of all ages can travel to Makkah and Madinah but cannot enter the Two Holy Mosques unless they are over 8 and have been registered as being double vaccinated. Therefore, we will be taking bookings for children above 8 who are double vaccinated, but no under 8’s can be taken unless their parents are happy to remain with them in the hotel room during prayer times, and the Umrah time and rotate with other carers.


  • Currently Saudi Arabia has limited the Umrah itself, prayers in the Grand Haram Mosque in Makkah, and visits to the Rawdhah etc in the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah, to an online booking system via two apps Tawakalna and Eatmarna – we will support you through the installation and use of these apps throughout the program. We have found that you will be able to pray every single prayer in both Harams without any booking problems as they open up access and increase numbers. However please note that theoretically the authorities wish to restrict your prayers in the Mosque as much as possible with this booking system, but in practice you are able to book multiple Umrahs as capacity increases. But it is important to have realistic expectations on how many times you will be able to enter the Grand Haram Mosque in Makkah at this time. Our recent trips have been very successful and we have had full access to all activities and only expect this to increase.


  • You will note that the Shaykh has emphasised the Madinah part of this program. This is because despite “ziyaraat” or official coach-based visits to historical places are sometimes restricted, and other times allowed at very short notice. However the Shaykh will still be able to offer a form of the Tarbiyyah Program that focuses on smaller walking groups around Madinah. Also, as you do not need to book your prayer in The Prophet’s Mosque, the group will be able to enjoy the Mosque a lot more unlike in The Grand Mosque in Makkah where access is far more restricted and thus the time needed there rightfully being less.


  • Every country has their own requirements for Covid testing upon re-entry to their home country on their way back home, and we will help advise every pilgrim on this. As of January 6th 2022, all UK pilgrims will need no Covid pre-departure PCR test back to England which will make things easier and cheaper for many people. Please confirm your own country’s re-entry requirements. PCR testing is available in Makkah for the return journey should it be necessary for your country. Again, every single aspect of the testing process, the apps needed and all unique Covid requirements will be made easy for you by the complete support of the admin team and Shaykh and his guides so that you don’t need to worry about any single aspect inshallah.


  • In case of a positive Covid infection before departure from the UK that makes you too ill or renders it impossible for you to board your plane to Saudi, you will unfortunately lose the Saudi side of your booking which equates to the majority of your package price. This refers to your hotel room, your coach space, your transfers, and your taxes and fees to the authorities which will all still need to be paid whether you attend or not, including your airplane ticket. For this reason, we are asking all our pilgrims to arrange for Covid Travel Insurance to protect them against this loss during the program. Shaykh AE has already ruled in favour of the permissibility of using travel insurance, and will explain various options personally in the Group before departure.


  • We still highly recommend that you get Covid Travel Insurance that will help even more in case of emergency. It might be advised to hold off from purchasing the actual Covid Travel Insurance until you have registered and entered the Shaykh’s email group where you will all collectively compare best practice and confirm who would provide the best service and cover at the most competitive price.


  • If you require any further detailed information or wish to discuss personal situations with the Shaykh, we can assure you that he is very swiftly responsive and detailed once you join the email group after registration, therefore please do not delay your registration if you intend to join this trip. Registration is free and payment will not be requested until an appropriate time after you have joined the email group.

Applicants from other non-UK countries

Although the Shaykh will be travelling from the UK, these packages are open to applicants from all countries.


The ground-package price for non-UK residents is £990 per person in a quad room, £1090 per person in a triple room and £1190 per person in a twin room (and £1690 for a single room) and covers the cost of the program itself and all transport and accommodation inside Saudi Arabia. It does NOT cover the cost of your specific international flights to get there, which will need to be arranged by us directly, or in conjunction with us so that you can travel on the group transport as directed by the Saudi Hajj and Umrah Ministry. If you decide to book the flights yourself please inform us of the itinerary before you purchase the tickets so we can advise on the suitability. When you fill in the registration form, you will see the check-in times for the hotels and you can base your flights on that as well.


If you wish to fly in and out with the Shaykh and the main group, then their flight details will be:

Flight Itinerary: Royal Jordanian


02 March Heathrow 1605        Arrival Amman 0005

03 March  Amman   0055        Arrival Madinah 0240


12 March Jeddah     0630       Arrival Amman     0840

12 March Amman    1220        Arrival Heathrow 1445


If you wish to fly with your own choice of carrier, the relevant times at the hotels are:

Check-in Madinah from 4 pm on 02-MAR-22

Check-out Makkah on the 12-MAR-22 (no later than 1 pm)


If you ask us (Dome Tours) to book your flights for you then the flight costs will be added onto the ground-package price. It also does not include the price of your visa. We are advising all our non-UK travellers to obtain a Tourist Visa at and we will support you fully in that process. Please register on the form here first and you will be given an explanation for the benefits and reasons why on our private members group.


Please register here and indicate your departure airport and we will be in touch to help arrange the flight for you at your convenience.

Who will we be flying with?

All UK pilgrims will be flying with Royal Jordanian airlines for this program, which has been specifically chosen for this Spring trip to keep the price as low as possible and give students and others with a more restricted budget the chance to experience the Tarbiyyah program.

If you are not in the UK, we will want you to ensure your flight arrives with the group and leaves with the group because that is how the Shaykh runs his program. Please contact us on the registration form and we will help coordinate the flights you buy with the correct ones for the program.

How can we get more information?

You have a number of options open to you:

  • for quick small queries, our Facebook Messenger team can help, especially outside of office hours and in emergencies. This usually has the fastest response time but the most limited scope in terms of helping with actual applications. Message us at
  • email us at
  • call us on + 44 0208 962 6635
  • Visit our office:
    • Dome Tours International Ltd, 363-365 Harrow Rd, London W9 3NA
    • Hours: Mon to Fri: 10:00AM-5:00PM, Saturday and Sunday: Closed

What are the costs for children?

Currently Saudi Arabia have restricted Umrah for above 12s only who are double vaccinated. There is currently no maximum age limit. All child prices are the same as adult prices.

Are all the stated dates set and final?

From our side, yes they are. However, all airline schedules cannot be guaranteed until we actually get on the plane! If there are any changes to the package, we do not expect it to be more than a day earlier or a day later so please ensure your holiday bookings reflect that.

Are you able to take disabled or very elderly pilgrims?

Unfortunately the nature of this package is very intense on the time of the leader and guide in order to give the best possible experience to the majority pilgrims. Although not every activity is physically demanding, the very nature of Umrah and the nature of this program does have some physical acts that will require moderate fitness. This means we sadly cannot take anyone who is disabled or is too weak or old to completely look after themselves. However if they are being accompanied by someone who will be able to look after that person’s each and every need without recourse to extra resources, then we will welcome your attendance but please email us for further discussion.

Can I fly in to Saudi Arabia later than the group or leave earlier due to work reasons etc?

Anyone who cannot make the exact flight arrival of the group, will be able to book their own flight or ask for an amendment to an existing flight at cost as long as it does not arrive into Madinah too late to miss the beginning of the Shaykh’s program. Please contact the office if you need to delay your arrival or leave slightly earlier, or make a note in the comments section on the form for UK applicants here or for non-UK applicants here.

Can women without mahram attend?

All sisters can join this Umrah program whether with a mahram or not although the Shaykh prefers that these conditions are applied.

Will cheaper "Quad" and "Triple" rooms be available and do you recommend them?

Due to Covid guidelines, the Saudi authorities are preferring minimum numbers of people per room, in the most expensive double/twin room. We have been able to convince the hotels to offer in some cases triple and quad bedrooms, which mean you share with two other (triple) or three other (quad) people. As hotels prefer to offer double beds or twin beds as above, they sometimes make the fourth bed in a room a smaller “camping” style bed. For this reason, if you do not like to sleep on such a bed, it is better to stick to a double/twin room but the increased prices will reflect that choice. Those who wish to save a few hundred pounds can use such beds in a triple/quad room accordingly. Most triple rooms will have three “proper” single beds.

Who is the organiser of this Umrah Package?

We are pleased to announce that all the tour packages offered by Hajj With AE are now powered by Dome Tours.

Dome Tours is a UK tour operator specialising in Hajj, Umrah & Tours having earned an outstanding reputation since 2002

Dome Tours’ crowning achievement was being voted the “Best UK Hajj Tour Operator” by the public in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Organised and hosted by CBHUK, the award is testament to the leadership, hard work and expertise of DT to serve the Guests of Allah and is a mark of distinction in the Hajj & Umrah market.

More recently, DT also scooped the Hajj & Umrah Business of the Year Award at the Islam Channel Business Awards 2019.

In recognition of this drive to raise standards, DT was selected to contribute to the Parliamentary Review 2019/2020 as a Best Practice Representative for the Hajj & Umrah industry.

Hajj with AE and Dome Tours will seek to enhance pilgrims’ Hajj & Umrah experience by combining a specially developed Tarbiyyah Program with the outstanding resources and expertise in travel and tours management we are proud to have developed.

This collaboration is another milestone in our efforts to serve the Guests of Allah the Most Exalted with the highest level of care, meticulous planning and a deep sense of devotion. We ask Allah for sincerity, steadfastness and success in this life and the next. Ameen.

Contact Details:

Dome Tours International Ltd
363-365 Harrow Rd, London, W9 3NA
+44 (0) 208 962 6635 (direct line)


The 2022 Umrah Program

These are programs and a unique tarbiyyah experience entirely run by Shaykh AE which is suited for those people who want more than just to perform the Umrah, but rather develop their character, increase their knowledge, and invest in taking themselves to the next level in everything they want to do. The Shaykh is personally in touch with the group well before departure, and will mentor every pilgrim all the way through and afterwards as well.


The intended programs will be as per the following details:


1. March 2nd-12th 2022 Spring Umrah Program (full details above)


2. March 31st-April 5th 2022 Ramadhan in Aqsa Program (full details to follow)


Please indicate your preference in this form here and you will be contacted and given full details for your choice of airport, country, and travelling group