For advice on what to do in the case of someone passing away and/or what one should prepare before death from a legal standpoint in the UK, please see this link here. Please check our Guide to Islamic Wills to see whether the free Islamic Will will be sufficient for your needs.

If you do need professional help then our recommended specialists are iWill Solicitors in Birmingham, who are widely recognised as the most experienced in Islamic Wills.

For those who would like a Will template for their own country (our Will is only legally valid in its current state in England and Wales), please be aware that we are unable to create different versions due to the huge variance in laws that govern countries. For example, in America the rules that govern Wills differs from State to State, let alone country to country. However in some countries such as Scotland or Ireland and others, the differences are minimal. So as per the video above, if you are able to find a solicitor and tax expert who can apply your country’s own laws to the template to make it valid where you live, please feel free to download the Microsoft Word version here and edit it accordingly.

For those wanting to know more about the Islamic rules of Inheritance, these apps have proved useful: for Apple here, and Android here.