This page has been designed to help you fulfil your Islamic obligation of preparing your legal instructions concerning your wealth if you were to pass away. This is normally known as a Will, but for a Will to combine between Islamic Law and Common Law, you need to understand a few principles first.

To that end, we have included a number of resources to help you in this process:

1. Firstly we have the actual Islamic Will Template itself. It is a fully legally valid Will, free of charge, and will fulfil the requirements of many people.

2. Secondly there is an Islamic Will Guide explaining how to complete your Will, making it valid in both England and Wales.

3. The video above from Shaykh Abu Eesa adds helpful notes and an explanation of both the Guide and the Will itself.

4. Finally we have the link containing legal resources that you can visit for extra reading and understanding. We have also recommended a professional Islamic legal service for those who find that their personal situation requires an individual Will to be prepared. See the Guide for further details. We have also made the Will template above available in a Microsoft Word format here that you can have edited in your own country as per legal advice to make it valid in your own country.